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What is STEM?
The Issue
Our Mission

 What is STEM 


STEM is the common abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  We live in the Information Age, an era that is characterized by the shift from an economy based on traditional industry to an economy based on the computerization of information.  In this coming era, science, technology, engineering, and math will be an inescapable aspect of any career.  We live in a world surrounded by computers and technology in our daily lives… it’s time for the entire population (especially girls, who are underrepresented in STEM fields) to embrace it.



 The Issue 

Women are severely underrepresented in all STEM fields, and make up only 25% of the workforce in computer, mathematics, and science fields.  Research indicates that social and environmental factors contribute to the under-representation of women and girls in STEM.  Negative stereotypes about girls’ and women’s abilities in math and science also adversely affect their performance in these fields.


 Our Mission 


For decades many have been saying there is a lack of women who are in STEM/CS fields, however still to this day there is still a lack of women who major in STEM/CS fields. Research has shown that opportunities have to be present for students to be able to major in STEM/CS fields and the reality is that many young ladies who are in low socioeconomic areas just don't get the opportunity. 

Our mission is to provide opportunities to girls who are interested in STEM/CS fields by connecting them to STEM/CS mentors, scholarships, internships, and the necessary skills that are needed to crash the digital divide in STEM/CS fields.

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